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Client  Testimonials

Check out what some of our clients are saying
about us and the results we have helped them achieve

We've been blessed to work with so many wonderful clients over the years. From big name companies to entrepreneurs and small business owners. Below is a selection of testimonials for you to review, many of which include actual results achieved.


"Over $100,000 Worth Of Sales"

"For a long time I struggled to find a decent copywriter. I tried many only to find that they just couldn't deliver the goods.Then a close friend suggested that I call Jesse Forrest, so I did. Right from the word go I found Jesse easy to communicate with and he understood exactly where I was coming from. I figured I would he him try.

Twelve months on I'm pleased to say I'm ecstatic with the results. Jesse's copy has been responsible for over $100,000 worth of sales. Needless to say I recently engaged him for yet another project and within a few short weeks I've already seen noticeable increase in sales.I know for a fact Jesse's copy works, so I'd happy recommend him to anyone."

Dale Beaumont
Founder and CEO
Business Blueprint

"He is one of the best in the business"

I'm Carl Taylor, author of Red Means Go and founder of Business Builders Academy. I've used the techniques Jesse has taught me to improve my copywriting dramatically. The conversion rates on my websites and optin pages is through the roof. The people coming into my courses and programs are the ideal clients. If you want to learn anything about copywriting, Jesse Forrest is the person to learn from because after I have been getting such great results I have now invited him to speak at my events and my seminars helping my clients learn how to write better copy so they can grow their businesses faster. If you want to learn how to write words that sell, Jesse Forrest is the man you must use. He is one of the best in the business.

Carl Taylor
Author of 'Red Means Go' book and
Founder of Business Builders Academy

"Made $1.2 Million"

"He is by far the best copywriter I have ever worked with, and I've worked with a few in my life. His copy is excellent.

As a matter of fact, for Affiliate Classroom, he's helped me pull in over $1.2 million in just 2 years (that's $50,000 a month for 2 whole years) and it continues to grow every day.

He's great to work with, he's fast, quick, he meets his deadlines. So if you're looking for a copywriter, definitely pick Jesse"

Anik Singal
Founder and CEO, Lurn Inc

"He is very reliable, he writes
great sales copy & web copy"

"Jesse is a fantastic website copywriter and I've worked with him very closely and referred numerous clients to him. He's very reliable, he writes great sales copy and web copy. And also too, most of our clients that I've worked with, I always recommend him. So if you're looking for someone who can write really good sales copy for you, then I highly recommend Jesse Forrest!"

Tyrone Shum
Digital Marketing Manager

"He Will Meet Your Deadline And Write
World Class Copy At The Same Time"

"When it came down to writing the sales copy for Instant Video Generator we turned to one man. My co-founders Armand Morin and Rick Raddatz turned to Jesse Forrest.

In fact, he met the deadline before the time line and we paid him a little extra bonus gift. I recommend you hire Jesse, my only residence with this recommendation is that he'll have less time for us.

Just make sure you overpay him whatever he asks, because he charges very reasonably as copywriters go. Get him before his rates go up. This is one of the few testimonials I give for copywriting, because I hire very few copywriters. So if you're looking for one, Jesse could be your man, he will meet your deadline and write world class copy at the same time."

Alex Mandossian
Managing Director

"I strongly recommend speaking with Jesse
Forrest about how he can help you, maximize
the profits of your online business"

"I have worked with Jesse on a number of projects, the guy is absolutely incredible! What I can tell you is he will show you how you can get better conversions from your website and how to increase profits from what you already have in place. If you're a business owner and someone who owns a website and you're looking for that edge in the marketplace, I strongly recommend speaking with Jesse Forrest about he can help you, maximize the profits of your online business as well."

Pete Kvist
Author of 'Why Most Websites Suck'

"Doubled Our Conversion Rate...
From $1,000 To $2,000 Per Month!"

“Hi this is Kevin Tuck from the Fun Music Company. I don't hire lots of copywriters, but I had Jesse do a video critique of one of our sales letters.

This site had been performing alright, averaging about $1,000 every month. However, with a few improvements Jesse suggested to the headline, opening body text and the guarantee, our website now turns over double what it was doing before, or about $2,000 a month.

Therefore, with a 100% improvement of our website, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jesse for any copywriting project.

Kevin Tuck
Founder and CEO
The Fun Music Company Pty Ltd

"Doubled My Sales … And Orders
Tripled From $50 To Over $200"

“I came to Jesse's website (and) I was very sceptical. Thinking how could changing my ad copy literally change my results that much.

I have to tell you that my sales DOUBLED from the ad copy. But more importantly, when people went to my shopping cart … he also re-wrote that for me … the orders TRIPLED from $50 to over $200 per purchase!

Every project will have Jesse as a part of it, because he's literally changed my business. I definitely think you should give this guy a try, he's fantastic!"

Arcangelo Capozzolo
Developer of natural eczema and arthritis solutions

"You Are My Secret Weapon"

"Everyone says, 'Holly that is absolutely the best sales letter you've ever written!' Then of course, I have to reveal that you are my 'secret weapon'.

I've gotta tell you, we launched exactly one month ago, and we've sold 100 packages. Which isn't too shabby when you consider that each package is $1,000. And more sales continue to come in every single day.

Jesse, I just hope you still have time for me after I've told all my friends about you.

Holly Cotter
Prosperity Marketing Solutions, LLC

"$180,000 In Sales"

"Jesse Hi this is Hans Jakobi from PropertyInvesting I've hired Jesse a number of times to write the sales copy for several of my websites that sell premium priced home study courses in the property investing niche.

For example, Jesse wrote the sales copy for my home study course 'Property Investing Masters' and within the first 30 days his copy generated over $180,000 in sales.

Jesse also gave me some specific advice on how to put together one particular promotion. Thanks to his advice, the promotion was a huge success and resulted in over $113,000 in sales in just 5 weeks.

Jesse is a terrific copywriter and someone I highly recommend!"

Hans Jakobi
Property investor and author of
How To Be Rich and Happy on Your Income

"We have now opened up 7 new centres this
year and our business is growing rapidly!"

"We were ready to take our business nationwide and open up more centres around Australia. We needed a Franchisee information pack to explain the opportunity to potential investors and franchisees. Jesse helped us improve our wording and truly sell the benefits of being a part of Begin Bright. We have now opened up 7 new centres this year and our business is growing rapidly!"

Tina Tower
Founder and CEO of Begin Bright Learning Centres
WINNER at 2013 Australian Small Business Champion Awards

"These reports have been instrumental
in generating new leads and enquiries"

"Jesse wrote a series of white paper reports for our training and qualifications business, Churchill Education. Jesse was fast, reliable and easy to work with and the reports he wrote were detailed, informative and professionally written. These reports have been instrumental in generating new leads and enquiries from our website and educate people about the value of our services. If you're looking for an excellent white paper writer and copywriter, Jesse Forrest is your man."

Tricia Velthuizen
Managing Director


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Jesse Forrest is The Web Copywriter a Sydney copywriter with more than 10 years experience in web copywriting for hundreds of satisfied clients in over 150 industries.

My team of Australian and international copywriters and I provide affordable copywriting services to small business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing agencies. We specialise in writing high-converting web copy that turns your visitors into sales, leads and customers.



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The Web Copywriter
Alexandria 2015
Sydney, Australia
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